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Osea Island is an exclusive private island enclosed by four miles of beaches and coastline. With an abundance of wildlife and rare birds, the island still maintains a special ambience best described as un-spoilt, and tranquil.

Located just 50 minutes from Central London, Osea Island still retains its hedgerows, copses and ponds from the 18th Century in 350 acres of beautiful countryside with a fascinating history. It offers peace and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Facilities for you to enjoy during your stay include: Heated outdoor pool, Sauna, Games Room, Beaches, Tennis Court, Barbeque areas, wildlife and much more.

You can see more of the Island here in our Gallery.



Located just 1 hour east of central London, Osea Island is a tranquil, peaceful environment seemingly cut off from civilization. Such is its unique style, the Island is only accessible for 8 hours a day via a linked road at low tide.

The Fit Scene Island Fitness Camp believes in supplying the highest quality service in all aspects of your week. From our luxurious living quarters to the range of activities we undertake every day, we know that you will come away from your week feeling alive and rejuvenated.



Island Fitness camps offer the ideal environment for a short term detox that will help motivate, educate and inspire you to making healthier lifestyle choices once in the outside world. We believe in a holistic approach, which delves deeper and asks not what are you doing wrong but why are you doing the things you do?

Within your time you will be looking to lose up to 10lbs, which will be a great and rewarding achievement, yet we at Island fitness see this as only the first step of our service. Without the proper methods and guidance unfortunately most people will struggle and inevitably put back on weight they had previously lost.

Everybody can be motivated and disciplined with a training instructor next to you 24/7 but what about when you go back to reality and your normal routine?

Over your time with us we will delve deep and find out WHY you find certain aspects of your fitness and diet difficult, and together, find a solution for every area. This way you will tackle your problems head on and we guarantee you will find inner strength you never knew you had.

For more information on the Island Fitness Camps as well as other services we offer on Osea Island, please contact us for more information.

"The Fit Scene came up with a program, that helped me lose a third of my body fat in just over 2 months, so the idea of testing out there Island based fitness camp could not be missed. Based on Osea Island, the location is perfect for a getaway, and the facilities on the island are brilliant"

- Colin Brown. Island Fitness Camp Guest